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Kos Island Vacation

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The sea side’s of Kos Island have Pure clean sandy beaches.

The Kardemena, Kefalos, Tigaki, Antimachia, Mastihari, Marmari and Pyli have the best and most famous beaches of the Island. The Exotic Beach, Magic Beach, Sunny Beach, Banana Beach, Paradise Beach and Camel Beach are also very well known for their beauty.

The Selver Beach, which is located 4 kilometers west of central Kos, is also very famous for its beautiful sand and sea.

Also at central Kos, you can find Beach Cafe-Bars which are named as Swedish, French and Dutch coasts.

These beaches play the music on the country it represents and have free sunbed’s, which bare the colors of the country in which the beach is associated with.

At these beaches you can get drinks from 2 to 5 Euros which is a reasonable price compared to other top European destinations.

You can find entertainment at Kardamena, shopping and culture at Central Kos and relaxation and harmony at Mastihari.

Plus, from 40 Euros a day, you can rent a car and travel all the beaches and famous areas of the island while you experience the beauty which Kos promises.

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