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Kos Island History

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The modernized island is also cultivated with the historical areas of Kos. Beside the cafes and tourist shops on the streets scented with Jasmine and decorated with palm and pine trees, you can also visit the ancient Roman agora, the ancient temples and ruins of a basilica which are a some of the most popular tourist areas on the island.

The Tree of Hippocrates which is commonly believed as being used by Hippocrates 2400 years ago to shelter his students from the sun during his lectures is also an area which symbolizes the character of the Island.

And of course you can see the ruins of what is known as the first hospital of Hippocrates, in the area. The historical hospital is in the Asklipion region and was dedicated to Asklepios, god of medicine and healing in ancient Greek religion after the death of Hippocrates.

The region also houses a temple built in honor of Asklepios, medical school and the remains of the altar of Apollo. There are only three known hospitals of this type from the ancient times (one is in Izmir-Bergama called Asklepeion) and is known to have received people from all over the world for treatment and for students to study there.

Another historical sight at Kos Island is the Casa Romana, Roman Villa which is 1800-years-old. The Villa once had 26 rooms, three swimming pools and the floors was decorated with mosaics depicting the lions, leopards and sea creatures which looked like dolphins.

Kos Island also has an archaeological museum which has a number of historical monuments along with a marble statue of Hippocrates.

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