Kos Island - Experience the Legend in the Greek Islands

Kos Island is a Greek island where legends were born with its beaches, historical and ancient attractions.

Kos Island is waiting for you!

Kos Island, also known as Kos, is the cutest and third largest island of the Greek Islands, only 55 minutes away from Bodrum with numerous accommodation options close to the city center.


Kos island

While walking through the narrow streets surrounded by white buildings on Kos Island, you will discover the history and mythology.


Kos Island Sea and Beaches

Fascinating those who come with its clean beaches and sparkling bays in summer, Kos Island is a great place for your holiday.


Kos Island Tours

Kos Island Tours offers daily and personalized hotel selections. The island of Kos will also fascinate you.

Why Kos Island?

Welcoming people, an impressive culture and unspoiled historical beauties await you on the island of Kos, the mythological island of the Greek islands.


Clean and vibrant beaches are home to white houses and historical buildings surrounding the streets.

Mythology and Culture

Kos Island, where you can find unique traces of history in every street, is also known as the birthplace of Hippocrates.

Hotel and Accommodation

Kos Island, where you can spend time in many places, offers you many alternatives with affordable and luxurious hotel options.

Natural beauties

Accompanied by magnificent beaches and fascinating castles, Kos has numerous natural beauty.

Kos island is a great alternative for honeymoon

Known as the third and most mythological island in the Greek Islands, Kos Island is famous for its unique historical culture and natural beauty.

The island is very efficient in terms of olives, figs and tobacco. Many minerals grow on its territory and facilities have been established to take advantage of them.

Whitewashed aegean houses surrounded all streets in Kos Island, and the island is a complete tourist destination.

You can see the castle built by Saint Jean knights from the historical buildings right at the entrance of the island.

During your Kos Island honeymoon vacation, you can enjoy the historical beauties of the island by visiting the Asclepion, Roman House, Odeon, Castle of the Knights, Archeology Museum, Kos Agora Ruins and the Hippocrates Tree known all over the world.

Short About Kos Island

Annual Visitor

Where is Kos Island?

Kos Island is the third largest island of the Greek Islands and is located in the Aegean Sea. It is also known as Hippocrates’ house.


When to Visit Kos Island

You can go to Kos Island for a summer vacation in June and August.


How to Get to Kos Island?

You can reach Kos Island from Bodrum by a 55-minute ferry or you can fly by connecting.


Kos Island Entertainment

In the evenings, you can find taverns and bars with live music. All entertainment venues are open until morning.


How many hours by plane to Kos?

Istanbul Izmir THY can be reached by transferring to Athens or Thessaloniki. The flight time is 1 hour.


Things to do in Kos Island

You can visit Asklepion, Roman House, Odeon, Castle of the Knights, Archeology Museum, Agora Ruins and Hippocrates.

Kos Island is an island of friendly people with its mythological culture and traditions.

Gorgeous Kos Beaches

There is a wide variety of beaches on Kos Island, each a favorite option. You can discover your own favorite beach in Kos.

Entertainment Center Kos

Besides the historical and natural beauties of the beaches with their white houses, many entertainment venues are open for you to enjoy until the morning hours.

Island of Legends Kos

If you are looking for azure sea, mythological environments, historical ruins, golden beaches, there is no better place than Kos Island.

Sports and Adventure Island Kos

For those who like water sports and adventure, you can find whatever you want to do on Kos Island, which is also home to great activities.

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